Payday Loan Choice

Avoid The Payday Loan Cycle

Payday loans can become a cycle, over and over again. What are we talking about? It is common for people to use payday loans. It is also quite common for people to get stuck in what we call a payday loan cycle. Did you know that only 1% of people actually only use a payday loan company once in their lives? Why is that? What can you do to avoid being trapped in a payday loan cycle? What is the cycle anyway? Let us begin by explaining a little about the payday loan process.

If you are in need of a quick faxless payday loan, you don’t really think about going around looking for the best rates, do you? Instead, you go up to the nearest cash advance place and hope you’re not getting ripped off. But, chances are, you will do the ripping off yourself. Payday loans begin when we need money. It may be an emergency situation, it may be an unexpected bill, or maybe we just are too far behind. Regardless, we need cash and we need it now. We sign a bunch of papers, and, assuming nothing goes wrong, plan to pay off the loan out of our next paycheck. But, unfortunately, something almost always goes wrong.

Now, we know that everyone steps into a payday loan company’s building with every intention of paying the loan back, in full when it is due. But, guess what? It simply just doesn’t always happen. If you can’t afford to pay the loan back this time, you think one more week won’t hurt. And, then it becomes one more and one more. You can see where this is going right?

Payday loan companies are happy to keep lending you money to pay off the previous loan, at an additional price of course. In fact, they will keep charging that fee even if it goes well above the original cost of the loan. Today, you may have to pay back one hundred dollars. But, in a few weeks, that could be doubled or more! In order to stay ahead, you think you are doing the best thing by rolling the loan over. In actuality, you are simply hurting yourself a little more each time.

Did you know that the average borrower of payday loans goes back to that lender or another one between eight and thirteen times a year? Just imagine, if you will, the fees involved in that? The average company charges about fifteen dollars per one hundred dollars that are borrowed. Assuming that the borrower only borrows one hundred dollars each time, he could be paying almost two hundred dollars a year in fees. And, in most cases, people borrow a lot more than one hundred dollars.

So, then, the question becomes this. How can we avoid the vicious cycle of the payday loan? To answer this question, you need to understand a little about those who uses payday loans the most. Then, you will see that there are ways to prevent these occurrences from happening and definitely from continuing.

The average person who visits and uses a quick faxless payday loan company is a low to middle income earner. They are living paycheck to paycheck with little to no savings. They often times can not afford to have a savings account. It is understandable, then, to see why an emergency or unexpected bill can really upset their lives. The payday loan company down the street looks like a good way to get out of this situation. But, in fact, borrowing money from their next paycheck will only put them farther behind.

To avoid the payday loan cycle, people should only seek payday loans when there is not other solution and be sure to budget your money so that you don’t begin the vicious payday loan cycle. While they may seem obvious, they are still very hard tasks to do when you are barely getting by.

First, they must only use a payday loan company if it is the only way. While it may save you face from borrowing money from friends and relatives, if you allow it to start a cycle, it will only put you farther behind in the long run.

When you do use a payday loan company, get the bill or loan paid off fast or at least on time. Avoid the roll over charges that you know you can not afford. To do this, you’ll more than likely need to budget in the amount borrowed in your finances somewhere. Budgeting a few dollars here and there if it is needed is at least a start.

Lastly, even though it is hard, or even seems impossible, you need to make a plan to avoid these payday loans in the future. Perhaps you can put away a few dollars a week in cases of emergency. Instead of buying a can of soda, put that pocket change in a jar. In a while, it will add up and will be there when you need it. Trying to avoid the payday loan cycle is hard, but in order to stay out of trouble, you have to find a way.