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Payroll Loans Direct

Most people get confused when they're looking for loans online, because the term 'payroll loans direct' throws them off. They don't even know what a payroll loan is, let alone how it's so direct that they can advertise it as such… maybe they put the money directly in your pocket?

Not quite - but there isn't anything to be confused about, either. Payroll loans are a simple process, and easy to understand.

What's the Difference Between Payroll Loans and Payday Loans?

This is something I get asked a lot - is there a difference? They often haven't heard of payroll loans, so they're not sure what it is, or if it makes it different (Or more expensive) in some way.

Well, in short - there's no difference. A Payroll loan, a payday loan, and even a 'check loan' is the same thing - they're the money that you need, when you need it, even if your paycheck doesn't come in for another few days, or few weeks.

There are no extra fees associated with payroll loans direct, and there's certainly no extra APR that goes along with the different title. It's the same thing, just called a different name… sort of like the difference of what you call your mother in law, and what she calls herself.

What's Payroll Loans Direct, and How Can I Get One?

Payroll loans direct is basically how it sounds - instead of money being mailed to you, or being handed it in person, you get the money directly deposited into your checking account, most of the time within twenty four hours.

This means that you get the money that you really need - for whatever reason you need it - as soon as possible, and it's right there, in your account, and easy to get to. No hassling with their checks, or spending the cash before it goes to what you want it to (We've all done that).

You can most commonly find payroll loans direct online, and while some offices do have it, it's cheaper and more efficient if you use online services - many times, they're set up better for such a transaction, and there are less fees associated with it.


Finding payroll loans direct isn't a hassle, and you can find many companies online today that will give you a payroll loan without a credit check, and with little faxing or scanning (Sometimes none).

Don't be afraid - if you need the money, go and get it!

For a great place to start, try Payday Loans Online with Instant Approval. They offer great rates, and will put the Payroll Loans Direct into your account - no stress, no worries, just what you need, when you need it.